Lifelong Republican explains her vote for Biden: 'Malicious' Trump 'has shown racism that is beyond me to understand'
Republican North Carolina voter Allyson Cooksey Jones (Photo: Screen capture)

A lifelong Republican spoke to MSNBC on Monday to explain that she can't bring herself to vote for President Donald Trump.

"I want to introduce you to Allyson Cooksey Jones, exactly the bull's eye of the target that both campaigns are trying to reach," said Morgan Radford. "Allyson, you are a life-long Republican."

"Life-long, Republican, absolutely," Cooksey Jones confirmed.

"Who are you voting for this year in?" asked Radford.

"Absolutely Joe Biden. There's no doubt in my mind," said Cooksey Jones. "I can't imagine -- I can't let myself think about voting for Trump. He's so divisive. He is -- he's shown racism that -- it's beyond me to understand him and what message he's put out except that he's just so -- he's malicious."

As a college-educated white woman who lives in the suburbs, Cooksey Jones explained that she's behind Biden because he will rebuild the U.S.'s relationships internationally.

See the video below: