Lincoln Project members trolling Trump's voter fraud hotline -- that has been plagued by prank calls
Steve Schmidt on MSNBC (screengrab)

On Saturday evening, CNN reported that the voter fraud hotline set up by the Trump campaign was being plagued by fake calls.

The campaign has made allegations of imagined voter fraud, but has not offered any evidence of voter fraud that would impact the outcome of the election, which has been called for President-elect Joe Biden.

The problem is that Trump has repeatedly said that if Biden won it would have to be because of fraud, so the campaign has been searching for evidence.

Instead of admitting defeat and conceding, the Trump campaign set up a hotline where supporters could make allegations of fraud.

But instead of getting leads, the hotline has been plagued by prank calls.

On Saturday even, Lincoln Project advisors Steve Schmidt and George Conway trolled the Trump campaign by spreading the number on Twitter:

Raw Story attempted to contact the hotline to ask if they had found any evidence of widespread voter fraud, but received a busy signal.