Listen: Voters in at least 6 swing states are receiving robocalls designed to spread election misinformation
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Voters in multiple states have received suspicious calls urging them to "stay home and stay safe" on Election Day — an effort state and local officials say is an attempt to suppress votes across the country.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to raise awareness about the robocalls reported by residents in Flint, MI. She made it clear that the calls were completely false as she described the tactic as "an effort to suppress the vote."

"Getting reports of multiple robocalls going to Flint residents that, due to long lines, they should vote tomorrow," Nessel tweeted, adding, "Obviously this is FALSE and an effort to suppress the vote. No long lines and today is the last day to vote. Don't believe the lies! Have your voice heard! RT PLS."


Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) has also chimed in with her report about the robocalls. She tweeted, "We received reports that an unknown party is purposefully spreading misinformation via robocalls in Flint in an attempt to confuse voters. Let me be clear — if you plan to vote in-person, you must do so, or be in line to do so, by 8PM today."


Audio of the call has also begun circulating on social media platforms. The six-second clip features an automated voice that tells voters: "Time to stay home. Stay home and stay safe."

Listen to the clip below:

In addition to the calls reported by Flint, MI, residents, calls have also been reported in multiple other states. Ahead of the election, residents in other battleground states including Nebraska, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania have also reported suspicious robocalls.

According to The Washington Post, there are a number of reasons why the disturbing calls have also caught the attention of the tech company, YouMail.

Upon further investigation, the tech company — which boasts its own robocall-blocking application for smartphones — has reported that the "reach and timing" of the mysterious calls signals the possible involvement of foreign operatives. Multiple robocalls have been conducted to people in approximately 280 of the United States' 317 area codes.