MSNBC's Joy Reid: Trump caravans are causing the opposite effect
Image via Twitter/@lisabuentello.

President Donald Trump's caravans of loudly-honking semi-trucks, pick-up trucks, and cars waving flags and blocking bridges and roadways appear to be having the opposite effect than desired, said MSNBC's Joy Reid during a special election show Sunday.

Co-host Rachel Maddow spoke with Chris Hayes, who explained that "intimidation, suppression and litigation" is the Trump plan to win the election.

Trump has tweeted that the Trump supporters who tried to run people off the road in Texas are "patriots" and "did nothing wrong." Given the video, at least one truck owner's insurance company might not see it that way, however.

"I'll say this, though," Nicolle Wallace said, "even the rosiest data coming to the Trump campaign doesn't get Trump to 270. So, I think the reason you're seeing all these tactics, the reason you're seeing this reporting in Axios that the president I think has now knocked down about court cases, is that even the rosiest sort of polling that the Trump campaign does where they think they can find -- doesn't get him over."

But it was Reid, who noted that their last-ditch efforts are actually driving people away from supporting Trump.

"So, the warlordism you're seeing out of Trump people tells me they don't feel good because if you're blocking New Jersey highways -- and you're in Texas trying to block people from getting down the street, that's not a winning move," Reid explained. "That's a straight intimidation move. It's a bullying move."

"It's a desperate move," Maddow agreed.

"And it's desperate, and it's also -- this is also what I'm hearing from a lot -- it's pissing people off," Reid explained. "Particularly voters of color. It's motivating people to want to vote more. I definitely heard that out of a former elected official friend in Georgia that Black voters in Georgia see all of this and it's all John Lewis-style 'good trouble' motivation."

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