'Name me one': Ex-Trump aide flops after being asked to name a single valid lawsuit from the president
MSNBC's Joy Reid and former Trump senior aide Ja'ron Smith (Photo: Screen capture)

A former White House aide to President Donald Trump struggled to answer basic questions about the lawsuits pending that he said he believes should continue "to play out."

Speaking to MSNBC's Joy Reid on Wednesday, former Trump senior aide Ja'ron Smith explained that he believes the lawsuits should play out before the election is ultimately called. But when it came to specifics about what lawsuits and why, Smith backtracked, saying that he's really not paying much attention.

"I think we should just let the nation kind of run its course on the investigations and lawsuits on dealing with the vote, and once that's decided, we can confirm it," Smith said. "You know, I think if the election was leaning in Trump's direction, we would want to run the course and make sure that every vote that was cast was appropriate."

"What investigations specifically?" asked Reid, wondering which investigation he thought should "play out."

"Well, I mean, there's a number of lawsuits that we filed, that the Trump administration filed -- "

"Give me a specific one. Name me one. Name me one that has not already been thrown out," Reid requested.

"Well, I'm not going to get specific, I'm just saying very generally on -- " Smith scrambled.

"But you're the one who said it," Reid explained, citing Smith's first comment. "Hold on, you said that you think it should run its course on all the investigations. So you ought to know what investigations you mean and what you are alleging happened."

"I wasn't being specific. I was meaning generally," Smith said. "There's a number of different lawsuits that the Trump administration filed. There's a number of different --"

She went on to ask how many lawsuits were filed. Smith didn't know. She asked how many the campaign had won. Smith didn't know that either.

"I mean, honestly, I haven't been following it," Smith confessed.

"Wait, wait, wait, you haven't been following it, but you're saying -- but hold on, you're saying you can't accept that Joe Biden is the president-elect?" Reid cut in. "You can't name me an investigation you're talking about specifically. I'll just tell you the answer. They've won 1 out of about 25 or 26. They're losing in case after case after case and state after state."

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