Newsmax host mistakenly rips 'doughboy' Chris Wallace after Neil Cavuto cuts Kayleigh McEnany's presser
Chris Salcedo appears on Newsmax (screen grab)

Newsmax host Chris Salcedo attempted to blast Fox News host Neil Cavuto on Tuesday because he did not air all of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany's press conference.

On Monday afternoon, Cavuto had cut out of a press conference that McEnany was holding for the Trump campaign -- even though her job is funded by U.S. taxpayers. Cavuto pointed out that McEnany had no evidence for her claim that Democrats are conspiring to steal the 2020 election.

The next morning, Salcedo attacked Fox News but seemed confused about which host had been anchoring the network when McEnany's press conference was taken off the air.

"Kayleigh McEnany was in front of the flags yesterday at the RNC talking about the efforts to expose rampant voter fraud," Salcedo explained, "and why, across the country, Republican poll watchers were not allowed to observe the count, which in past elections they've been able to."

(According to a CNN fact check, there have been "no reports of systematic irregularities with poll watchers anywhere in the US.")

"Why don't you press want to know?" the Newsmax host continued. "Chris Wallace -- uh, the doughboy over at Fox News -- why don't you want to know?"

According to Salcedo, Cavuto was "pushing the narrative of a President-elect Beijing Biden."

"When was the last time Mr. Cavuto interrupted any of the allegations he couldn't prove leveled by Democrats?" he asked. "When was the last time -- 'I've got to cut off Biden, I've got to cut off Harris.'"

Salcedo added: "The Republicans don't want to shove grandma off the cliff. No, Americans don't want to starve everybody out who's on welfare. I don't recall Mr. Cavuto ever silencing Democrats. I don't recall Mr. Cavuto ever silencing a Democrat [sic] press secretary. But I guess that's the in-thing to do over there now. 'If it's a Republican press secretary [for] Donald J. Trump, we just shut it down.'"

In recent days, scores of Fox News viewers have claimed that they switched to Newsmax, which has refused to call the 2020 presidential race for President-elect Joe Biden.

Watch the video below from Newsmax.