'Our chance to set things right': Here are the best 'get out the vote' messages out there
A woman wears a mask with a message urging voter participation while she waits in line to enter a polling place on the first day of the state's in-person early voting for the general election in Durham, North Carolina, US on October 15, 2020. © REUTERS/Jonathan Drake/File Photo

It's Election Day in the United States—though over 96 million Americans have already cast their ballots.

In the final hours of campaigning, President Donald Trump has continued to highlight what's at stake with the election, from peddling claims of "unchecked cheating" in the battleground state of Pennsylvania and elsewhere to asserting a Covid-19 vaccine and the end of pandemic are just a "couple of weeks" away to vowing a continuation of planetary destruction.

Pro-democracy individuals and groups, meanwhile, are encouraging those who haven't yet voted to head to the polls before they close because, as Sen. Bernie Sanders said over the weekend, "Our agenda is on the ballot."

"This isn't about voting for ourselves," Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) tweeted Tuesday.

"It isn't about getting in that ballot box and thinking about you and what you might win or lose," Omar continued. "It's about voting on behalf of our community, our society, our country, and most importantly, to restore our democracy."

Here's a look at some of the best "get out the vote" being sent early Tuesday:

According to climate activist and author Bill McKibben, voting this year is not just about the next presidential term but will have reverberations for generations to come.

If we value the civilizations from which our current world was spawned, McKibben writes at the Guardian Tuesday, "then a vote for Joe Biden isn't really about the next four years. It's about the long march of time that stretches out ahead of us. And about every creature and human being that will live in those misbegotten years."

Writing at Common Dreams Monday, Michael Winship similarly stressed that voting this year is "more crucial than ever."

"As has been said by many these last few weeks and months, this election is not your standard political fight of Republican vs. Democrat. It's not only about the stultifying incompetence that has led to thousands and thousands of needless deaths, or about the depths to which our national discourse has been sunk or the president's indifference to the environment, health, and education," he continued. "This is for all the marbles, for democracy vs. fascism."

After "four years of egregious and tragic policy," Winship added, "November 3 is our chance to set things right. Vote."