‘Political roadkill’: Politico reports on Trump’s new status as a lame-duck president
President Donald Trump waves as he steps off Air Force One at John Wayne Airport. (Ringo Chiu / Shutterstock.com)

There are 10 weeks left until President Donald J. Trump exits the White House for an unforeseen future and Politico's senior media writer Jack Shafer shared a few thoughts on his impending departure.

"Don’t worry about the thin squealing you hear wafting in from the White House. It’s just the sound of the last thousand cubic meters of gas escaping the rapidly deflating Trump presidency," Shafer wrote. "This doesn’t mean we’ve heard the last from Donald Trump—or that during his descent from office he’ll be incapable of causing mischief and detonating crises."

Shafer wrote, "Of course, our ex-presidents never really go away. If they write a book (as Barack Obama just did), take up paintingskydive, or become linked to a sex offender, they can swiftly slip back into the news cycle for several days or even a couple weeks. But their reentry is never a sure thing."

The press has begun to disengage with the flailing presidency as it stands now. Shafer recalled CNN's Anderson Cooper who gave Trump the ultimate "It's done. He's done. He's in the past," shake-off last Friday and Washington Post political columnist Karen Tumulty's tweet where she claimed, “A new era has dawned for me: I just turned off my phone notifications of @realDonaldTrump.”

Shafer wrote, "Besides, as a bigtime 2020 loser, Trump has no lock on his party’s next presidential nomination let alone a monopoly on the interest of his constituents. And who’s to say his future is that bright anyway? Defeated incumbents tend to become political roadkill. Only one, Grover Cleveland, has come back to serve non-consecutive presidential terms."