Reporters laugh Trump advisor off the podium after he refuses to give his name at Nevada lawsuit briefing
Ambassador Richard Grenell, photo by BM für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur

Former Trump acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell on Thursday got laughed off the podium during a Trump campaign press conference about "voter fraud" in the crucial swing state of Nevada.

At the start of the press conference Grenell said that he wanted to only see "legal votes" counted, although he never specified what would constitute an "illegal" vote.

After he started to step away, reporters shouted at him and asked him to identify himself so they could properly attribute his quotes -- but he bizarrely refused.

"Listen, you're here to take in information!" Grenell shouted at reporters when they asked for his name.

At this point, the reporters let out a collective laugh at his expense and continued shouting for his name.

"Go do your jobs!" Grenell defensively insisted.

Grenell was subsequently hounded by NBC's Jacob Soboroff and asked for evidence of voter fraud -- and Grenell refused to answer.

Watch the videos below.