Republicans are worried Trump's crusade to overturn election is 'going to hurt the real next fight': Axios co-founder

Speaking on CNBC this Friday, Axios co-founder Mike Allen said President Trump's refusal to concede the election could hurt the GOP's battle for control over the Senate.

“The conversations I have, Republicans are very worried that this foot dragging is going to hurt the real next fight,” Allen said on Squawk Box, adding that they want to “keep the eye on the prize, which is the two Georgia runoffs on Jan. 5.”

“It’s very possible Republicans win both of those seats,” he continued. “They only need one for Mitch McConnell to stay the majority leader, but Republicans don’t want the distraction of money and attention from the president not conceding.”

“The president is seriously looking at is a direct-to-consumer play ... where he would connect directly with his fans out there, who would pay a monthly fee,” Allen said. “Whether he starts something himself or works with an existing player like Newsmax or another conservative player, the idea is to connect directly with those fans, and let’s face it. The president needs money and he will have time. This addresses both of those.”

Watch the video below: