Sean Hannity makes bold admission on Fox News: ‘I don’t vet the information’ on my program

On Fox News Monday, right-wing commentator Sean Hannity appeared to say that he doesn't "vet" the information that appears on his show.

"We, in this hour — I am not told what to say, I don't vet the information on this program that I give out," said Hannity. "We have always been independent, follow our own path on this show. That's not going to change for me, ever."

Later in the segment, he attempted to correct himself, saying "When I said I don't vet this program, I vet the program. We vet the facts ... We vet what we do. We're not told what to do."

Hannity has been at the core of a number of controversies for Fox News, including when he promoted conspiracy theories about the murder of Democratic staffer Seth Rich, and when he called the coronavirus pandemic a "hoax."

Watch the segment below: