Security guard interrupts COVID-denier's speech and quits on the spot: 'She's trivializing the Holocaust'

A video from Germany is circulating on social media, showing a COVID-denier addressing a rally, only to have her speech interrupted by a security guard who was disgusted by her comparisons of pandemic restrictions to the Holocaust.

“I feel like Sophie Scholl, since I've been active in the resistance, giving speeches, going to protests, distributing flyers," the woman says to the audience, referring to the famous "White Rose" resistance fighter who opposed the Nazis during World War II.

As the woman talked, a man who was working as a security guard for the event approached the stage, saying, “I'm not going to be a security guard for this kind of idiocy," as the woman looked at him with shock.

"She is trivializing the Holocaust," the man said as others escorted him away. After the man left, the woman began crying, threw down the microphone in anger, and stormed off the stage.

Watch the video below: