‘Spreader-in-Chief’ is now the ‘Murderer-in-Chief’: April Ryan weighs in on war crime charges for Trump
April Ryan -- screenshot

Using the hashtag #LockHimUp, American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent April Ryan said President Donald J. Trump "has blood on his hands" for the deaths of more than 253,000 Americans.

"I’ve been saying it since March and will always say it, Donald Trump has blood on his hands for the deaths of the 253K+ Americans that are dead because he ignored and politicized this virus. He went from being the Spreader-in-Chief to the Murderer-in-Chief. #LockHimUp."

Ryan's tweet was in response to culture critic Jawn Murray's observation that if "Trump was a doctor and intentionally misled our nation about this pandemic, he’d be prosecuted for medical malpractice! Trump as POTUS aided and abetted a virus that murdered 253K+ Americans, committing Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide. The International Crime Court should prosecute him!"