Steve Schmidt delivers Trump's epitaph after humiliating loss to Biden
GOP strategist Steve Schmidt (screengrab)

On MSNBC Saturday, longtime GOP strategist and Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt assessed the result of the election — and the future for President Donald Trump.

"The American people have fired the most corrupt, the most indecent, the most incompetent president in American history, the most lethal president in American history," said Schmidt. "There are hard days ahead. This will be a terribly deadly winter of COVID, and we will see two months of chaos ... but it's all coming to an end. The Trump family has debased themselves and the White House, and they have done incalculable damage to this country, but the hours of their ability to do damage are coming to a fast end."

"Steve, we will be, no doubt, on pardon watch for the next 73 days," said anchor Lawrence O'Donnell. "Donald Trump will surely pardon himself, and others will request pardons and some will get pardons, anyway, including possible Trump family members ... the only thing, seems to me, that Donald Trump was fighting for in this election, and thought he might use election lawyers, using election lawyers this week, to prevent him from spending all of next year as a defendant in civil and possible criminal cases."

"Sure, I think the name Trump will be an epithet in this country," said Schmidt. "Senators who have been loyal to him will want nothing to do with him as he is out of power, and he will be hounded by investigations for the rest of his days on earth. He will occupy a shameful place in American history. Even imagine the act of building the Trump library. Who is going to fund that? What is his deal flow going to be? I think Trump faces bankrupty and shame. So do many of the people that worked with him."

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