Ted Cruz gets walloped by CNN’s Brianna Keilar as she dredges up his stunningly wrong COVID prediction

During a CNN segment this Tuesday, network anchor Brianna Keilar mentioned the recent dust-up between Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) this Monday where Brown asked him to wear a mask on the Senate floor. She also mentioned how Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) came to Sullivan's defense, calling Brown a "complete ass" for lecturing Sullivan when no one was "remotely near him."

Keilar pointed out that Cruz's claim isn't true, since Sullivan was in "spitting distance" of several Senate floor staffers during his exchange with Brown. Keilar then harkened back to July when Cruz predicted if Biden is elected, Democratic politicians will declare "everything is magically better" in regards to the coronavirus pandemic.

"Well, what's actually happening is that governors, Democrats and Republicans, are putting restrictions in place to fight the spread," Keilar said.

Watch the full segment below: