‘The barricaded subject is in the White House’: ex-FBI agent warns Biden may have to call in SWAT
Nicolle Wallace and Frank Figliuzzi on MSNBC (screengrab).

During a discussion about President Trump's refusal to concede defeat in the 2020 election, former FBI assistant director for counter intelligence Frank Figliuzzi said that the American people are seeing a "wholesale buying-in to the President's state of denial" from members of his administration.

"We're coming very close to what the [FBI] calls a 'barricaded subject,' and the barricaded subject is in the White House," Figliuzzi said, adding that Joe Biden's earlier comments in Wilmington, Delaware, were "right on the money" when it comes to negotiating a barricaded subject.

"We saw a very calm Joe Biden today," he said. "We saw him essentially shrugging off that he doesn't yet have [the means] to open transition offices. He shrugged off the fact that he's not getting the classified briefing ... that is exactly what you do in the initial stages ... you want to let that barricaded subject know that this is gonna be okay, I'm gonna listen to what you have to say -- you can vent, and vent, and vent, you can call me names and not acknowledge my authority outside the perimeter here, but eventually we're gonna get this done."

Figliuzzi went on to say metaphorically that eventually there may be a time when Joe Biden has to "call the SWAT team."

Watch the video below: