This lawsuit actually says a state's votes for Joe Biden should just be flipped to Donald Trump
Joe Biden and Donald Trump (AFP)

When it became obvious that Joe Biden had an insurmountable lead over President Donald Trump in the Pennsylvania vote count, the Associated Press called the Keystone State for Biden on Saturday, November 7 — thus giving the former vice president the 270 electoral votes he needed to become president-elect of the United States. Biden's lead in Pennsylvania has only grown since then, but that hasn't stopped Trump's campaign and Rudy Giuliani from claiming that the president really won the state. And on Wednesday, the Trump campaign made a strikingly anti-democratic demand in a Pennsylvania lawsuit in an attempt to make that fantasy a reality.

In the suit, according to Politico, Trump's campaign argues that his campaign's constitutional rights were violated in Pennsylvania and that the state's 20 electoral votes should be given to him by the GOP-control state legislature because he is the real winner. The lawsuit, which names Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar and seven counties as defendants, complains that Republican election observers had insufficient access to the counting of mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania.

Earlier this week, however, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that election observers had adequate access to the vote-counting process in Pennsylvania — and rejected the Trump campaign's claim that they didn't. Experts widely agree that the new lawsuit attempting to overturn the the Pennsylvania is preposterous and doomed to fail.

The Trump campaign's latest Pennsylvania lawsuit also claims that 1.5 million votes in the state "should not have been counted" and that they led to "returns indicating Biden won Pennsylvania."

The Trump's campaign argues, "In contrast to the 2002 International Electoral Standards.... the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has struck out in a unique direction among democracies and declared that meaningful observers are not part of verification and votes may be counted without any review by political campaigns and parties."

After winning Pennsylvania and other battleground states — including Arizona, Nevada and Georgia — Biden had a total of 306 electoral votes. In the popular vote, Biden has defeated Trump by at least 5.8 million votes nationwide.