Top Biden adviser explains why Trump is going to lose his 'baseless and stupid' legal challenge
Joe Biden accepts presidential nomination at the DNC. (Screenshot/

The former chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden explained to MSNBC that President Donald Trump's lawsuits demanding an end to counting votes likely wouldn't be successful.

Co-host Rachel Maddow cited top elections attorney for Biden, Bob Bauer, who said that Trump's legal fights would be "a flop." Speaking to Maddow, along with Joy Ann Reid and Nicolle Wallace, Ron Klain agreed, walking through the steep hill that Trump's legal team must summit if he intends to stop the counting in the three states in which he's filed lawsuits.

"Well, look, Rachel, they are both baseless and stupid," Klain explained. "They're baseless in the sense that they have no legal basis at all. They're stupid in the sense that one of the states where Trump is suing to stop the vote count in Michigan, where he is behind. So, if the vote count stops, we win. So, it's a particularly ridiculous legal strategy in the state of Michigan."

He explained that in Pennsylvania, Trump is alleging that there is no oversight of the counting of the ballots, which is also absurd. The counting process is being broadcasted online. Trump could watch it in real-time on any device he chooses.

Simultaneously, the ballots that Pennsylvania is counting right now are still the votes cast on or before Election Day. In that state, officials are not allowed to begin counting before the day of the election. In other states, they could tabulate early and get the results quickly. Pennsylvania requires tabulators to wait. So, the ballots being counted aren't even the mail-in ballots that Trump argued shouldn't be counted because they came in after the election but were postmarked on or before Election Day.

"Donald Trump had a formidable lead this morning," Klain admitted. "Two-thirds of it has gone away over the course of today. And we believe we are on track to win that state by 100,000 votes or more. So, the point we have been making throughout this entire period since the polls closed in that the votes have to be counted. That's the democratic way. They are being counted in an orderly way. Trump has no real legal challenge to that at all. You saw from the report in Pennsylvania. People can watch the count on closed-circuit television. There is nothing mysterious. There is nothing secret here. We're seeing democracy in action."

Klain acknowledged that we're accustomed to immediacy and we don't generally like being patient and waiting. That isn't how it works in elections.

"I thought joy's points earlier very moving, very powerful, but in the end, the right outcome will be achieved here. in the end, this campaign will be successful," said Klain. "Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be the president and the vice president of the United States. and this country will change direction because of that win. And whether that win is 270 or 290 electoral votes or more, whatever it is, it's a win, it ousts Donald Trump from the White House and it puts our country on a chance to heal and to move forward again. That's what Biden and Harris ran on. That's what they're offering. That's what they're going to deliver."

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