Trump ambassador's claim of election shenanigans in Pennsylvania quickly falls apart
Carla Sands, United States Ambassador to Denmark

On Thursday, The New York Times reported that a diplomat in the Trump administration who claimed to be a "disenfranchised" voter, did in fact have her ballot counted despite her claims to the contrary.

Last week, U.S. Ambassador to Denmark Carla Sands tweeted multiple times that her ballot in Pennsylvania had never been recorded and claiming that "the legitimacy of the election is at stake."

"A search of Pennsylvania’s elections website shows that Ms. Sands’s ballot was counted in the state’s Cumberland County, where she spent at least some of her childhood," said the report. "The state reported it mailed Ms. Sands her absentee ballot on Aug. 25 and that it was accepted after being returned on Oct. 15, although it is unclear when that information on the website was updated."

"Since last week, she has shared numerous posts from conservative news media, Republican activists and Mr. Trump and his allies alleging election fraud and improper ballot counting," the report continued. "Her two tweets claiming that her own vote was not counted in Pennsylvania came in the hours just before and after the state was declared won by Mr. Biden, giving him enough projected electoral votes to clinch the presidency."

Pennsylvania has been the site of numerous lawsuits by the GOP, as the most populous state that flipped from Donald Trump in 2016 to Joe Biden in 2020. Judges have thus far been unconvinced by allegations of voting irregularities.