Trump becomes 'hermit-in-chief' as he hides from reporters amid election court losses: CNN's Acosta
President Donald Trump. (AFP Photo/MANDEL NGAN)

On CNN Monday, chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta broke down how President Donald Trump's loss is starting to sink in for the president, his advisers, and his party.

"Becoming something of a hermit-in-chief, President Trump steered clear of the cameras yet again and was even unusually silent on social media much of the day, as more top Republicans slam President Trump's legal team for serving up nothingburgers in his quest to upend the 2020 election," said Acosta. "Even though some of the president's advisers urged him to dump attorney Sidney Powell from his legal team, it's unclear whether that will satisfy close allies like former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who are losing patience with Mr. Trump's efforts to cling to power."

"The president's latest longshot scheme to overturn the will of the voters appears to be falling flat too," said Acosta. "The president suffered another loss in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. They ruled against the Trump campaign's latest effort to block the counting of some absentee ballots in the Commonwealth, and that clears the way for those ballots to be counted in places like Philadelphia, which is beneficial to Joe Biden. One White House adviser said to me a little while ago, the president is nearing the end. As the adviser put it, 'it's the end of the road for the president.'"

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