Trump campaign abandons attempt to sue tiny Wisconsin TV station over anti-Trump ad
Donald Trump in Nashville, Tennessee on November 2, 2020. (

President Trump's campaign is dropping its defamation suit against a small Wisconsin TV station for running an ad sponsored by a liberal group, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

The group who made the ad, Priorities USA, intervened in the case after Trump went after the TV station for airing the ad rather than the group who made it. The ad showed Trump appearing to say, “The coronavirus, this is their new hoax." The statement was manipulated to look like Trump had said a single sentence when it fact it was stitched together from separate comments.

Guy Cecil, the chairman of Priorities USA, claimed victory after the lawsuit's withdrawal. All sides had agreed that the suit should be dismissed.

"Priorities stood strong against the Trump campaign’s onslaught of baseless legal actions and we have successfully rebuffed Donald Trump’s effort to censor the truth about his failed leadership," Cecil said in a statement.