Trump campaign accuses Pfizer of covering up their vaccine to ensure he lost the election

In a new fundraising email to supporters, the Trump campaign baselessly claimed that the pharmaceutical company Pfizer deliberately withheld news of their COVID-19 vaccine until after the election to hurt his chances of winning.

"Pfizer and the others probably didn't have the courage to make this HISTORIC announcement before November 3rd, because they hoped it would keep me from WINNING BIG," said the email. "The truth is, if Joe Biden were President, you wouldn't have the vaccine for another four years, nor would the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have ever approved it so quickly. The bureaucracy would have destroyed millions of lives!"

The conspiracy theory that Pfizer timed its announcement to hurt Trump has also been promoted by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), even though Pfizer's CEO has made clear the announcement was made as soon as the company had the news.

Trump has sought to take credit for Pfizer's COVID vaccine, even though the funding for the project did not come from his administration's own Operation Warp Speed.