Trump campaign set up a voter fraud hotline -- and got 'flooded with prank calls': report
President Donald Trump wearing a 'Make America Great Again' hat while talking on the phone inside the Oval Office (Facebook).

President Donald Trump has continued to falsely claim that he won the presidential election.

Trump falsely claimed victory early in the morning on Wednesday and then tweeted again Saturday morning that he had won.

After he returned to the White House from his Virginia golf course, Trump again claimed victory -- despite the fact the race had been called for Joe Biden.

Trump insists he won because of vague allegations of voter fraud, but has been unable to document any instances that would change the outcome.

The entire process was backwards, with the Trump campaign assuming there had been fraud and then going out and trying to find it. But the campaign has struggled to find instances of fraud, as New York Times correspondent Elaina Plott reported Friday evening.

So the Trump campaign set up a voter fraud hotline, hoping for tips about fraud.

But CNN White House correspondents Kaitlan Collins and John Harwood report, the hotline has been flooded with prank calls.