Trump can see Biden's inauguration parade platform being built from his bedroom window: CNN

President Donald Trump still believes that he can overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, but he's now getting a daily reminder that his time in the White House will not last much longer.

CNN reports that Trump can see the inauguration parade platform being built for President-elect Joe Biden directly from his bedroom window, despite the fact that he continues to falsely insist that he "won" the election.

"The viewing stand and bleachers are almost complete and each day they get closer to being done -- all within Trump's view -- as it becomes clearer his days in the White House are coming to a close," CNN writes. "Despite the uncertainty of the coronavirus and Trump's waning attempts to overturn the election, the structure is a growing reminder of the transition now in motion."

However, one Trump administration official tells CNN that it's highly unlikely that the president will be on hand to watch his successor being sworn into office.

"I can't foresee a scenario where he goes and that tradition carries on as normal," they said.