Trump declares the election 'rigged' in late night Twitter meltdown: 'Think I'll stick around for awhile!'
President Donald Trump/Screenshot

President Donald Trump has continued to refuse to concede that he lost the 2020 presidential race to President-elect Joe Biden.

On Monday, Trump lashed out at the Republican governors of Arizona and Georgia for certifying their election results that he lost.

Some analysts have worried Trump will attempt to overturn the election results in Congress, a move he seemed to allude to again on Monday evening.

Engaging with right-wing Twitter personality, Trump thanked them for saying he is "the most popular Republican in history."

"Thank you! A lot of Senators and House Members are very happy that I came along. Think I’ll stick around for awhile!" Trump tweeted.

He then went on to push his delusions about the election he lost.

Trump also retweeted the thoughts of Twitter user @Catturd2 -- twice. The account self-describes as "MAGA turd who talks sh*t."