Trump is ‘potentially imperiling national security’ with his shenanigans: Washington Post
Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald J. Trump's baseless voter fraud claims are now raising the risk of undermining the public’s faith in the vote and, by obstructing President-elect Joe Biden’s transition, potentially imperiling national security, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

Trump’s appointees and loyalists have taken on the strategy to support their leader's refusal to admit defeat and initiate a peaceful transfer of power. Instead, his ego reins supreme at a time when the United States is perhaps at its most vulnerable and national security could be at risk.

The White House has instructed government agencies to block cooperation with the Biden transition team — including the Government Services Administration, whose Trump-appointed administrator, Emily Murphy, has refused to sign paperwork that releases millions in preallocated dollars to fund the transition and gives Biden’s team access to agency officials and information, according to The Washington Post.

Earlier Tuesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo fed into Trump's brazen disregard of President-elect Joe Biden's win, saying, “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration."

“You know, the president wasn’t defeated by huge numbers,” Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) said. Blunt is a co-chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. “In fact, he may not have been defeated at all.”

Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio said that the incumbent president's party has "opted for the coddling approach to parenting a bratty child, and maybe when the child is as powerful as the president there’s no other option. But really, the child needs a timeout.”

“We live in an incredibly dangerous world that moves very fast, so having a president truly ready to go on Day One is fundamental to our safety,” said Max Stier, president of the Partnership for Public Service. “There’s no more complicated or important organization on the planet in history than the U.S. government, and taking it over is a massive undertaking.”

“They all know he lost and they are lying about it to protect his little feelings. It’s insane,” said Tim Miller, a former Republican strategist who led one of several outside groups working to elect Biden. “They’re all playing pretend because Donald wants a participation trophy, and there are real human consequences — not just to our democracy, but threats to individuals and their lives.”

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday in Wilmington, Del., Biden called Trump’s continued insistence that he won “an embarrassment, quite frankly," adding, “How can I say this tactfully? I think it will not help the president’s legacy.”