Trump makes outrageous statement about his conspiracy theories: ‘People will not accept this Rigged Election’
President Donald Trump speaking to reporters on the White House lawn (screengrab)

There is zero evidence that there was fraud that could impact the results the 2020 presidential election, but President Donald Trump continues to spread misinformation to deflect from the fact he lost to President-elect Joe Biden.

On Tuesday, Trump claimed without any evidence that the vote was "rigged."

The leader of the free world retweeted Scott Adams, who created the "Dilbert" comic strip, but who may be best known in recent years as a right-wing Twitter troll.

"You are being brainwashed to accept the results of the election as fair," Adams wrote, without offering any evidence the election was not fair or that the truth could brainwash people.

"You will be told that only bad people are skeptical in this situation, and that you will be held to account for doubting," Adams claimed, in spite of the fact the main criticism of those pushing the conspiracy theory is that they are rejecting math and reality.

"People will not accept this Rigged Election!" Trump said, retweeting the false information that people are being brainwashed by reality.