Trump official says Pentagon new hires are ‘padding their resumes’ and ‘getting revenge’: report
Mark Esper speaks to reporters at the Pentagon (MSNBC/screen grab)

CNBC White House correspondent Eamon James said he asked a Trump Administration official what to make of the dramatic Pentagon staffing changes Wednesday and was told, "It's just Trump guys getting revenge on people they don't like and padding their resumes. It doesn't mean anything on the policy front."

The sophomoric response was echoed by another former Trump official who said the switcharoos occurred because "the person who really wanted Mark Esper out because he coveted Mark's job is [National Security Adviser] Robert O'Brien. O'Brien wants someone to keep the seat warm so he could get the job [in a second Trump term]. Christopher Miller is his guy, so now he can reach in."

According to Javers, the official wasn't impressed by the new assignments.

"Kash Patel has never worked in the Pentagon. Ezra [Cohen-Watnck] is a young guy. You can slap a title on someone for 60 days, but it has to pass the laugh test."

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