Trump shamed for 'hate-watching cable news' while America enters 'COVID hell'
President Donald Trump during an interview with 60 Minutes. (Screenshot)

CNN host John Berman on Thursday shamed President Donald Trump for doing nothing even while infections and hospitalizations from the novel coronavirus hit record highs.

Berman began by noting that Trump hasn't spoken publicly in a week and has instead spammed out conspiracy theory tweets that falsely claim he won the 2020 election.

"What's wrong?" Berman asked rhetorically. "Could it be embarrassment over his defeat? Could it be lack of a cogent argument for why he's blocking the transition? Could it be that he has too many shows saved up on TiVo? Hate watching cable news is no excuse to skip presidenting during a pandemic."

Later in the segment, Berman remarked about how rare it is to go a full week without hearing the president speak.

"We haven't heard his voice since last Thursday," he said. "And I can't remember a time that we've gone seven days without -- the president likes to talk out loud. He likes to say things. And the fact that we haven't heard him in a week is notable."

Berman wrapped up his opening rant by describing just how dire the public health situation is in the United States right now.

"We're entering COVID hell," he said. "More than 144,000 new cases this morning, marking the single highest day since the pandemic began. More Americans hospitalized than ever before, a huge jump in hospitalizations overnight."

Watch the video below.