Trump ‘should concede’: Conservative DC newspaper warns GOP that Trump may cost them Senate control
Donald Trump during a campaign rally in Nashville. (NumenaStudios /

In a piece published in the Washington Examiner this Friday, the paper's Editorial Board writes that despite President Trump's legal right to contest the results of the 2020 election, it's time for him to "put up or shut up."

"If you are going to mount legal challenges and allege on national television that there has been massive and systematic election fraud, you had better provide evidence in addition to assertion," the Board writes. "Trump’s legal team has not done that."

The Editorial Board acknowledged that there will be some irregularities in an election where more than 150 million people voted, but whatever those irregularities may have been, they weren't enough to change the result.

"The vast spread of American democracy, which makes error and malfeasance inevitable, also makes it plain that neither of these regrettable concomitants of mass voting robbed Trump of victory. No fraud or error produced tens of thousands of additional votes for Biden in battleground states."

"At this point, Trump's efforts are more likely to damage the Republican Party, and more specifically, undermine its chances of winning the Jan. 5 runoff elections in Georgia for the two Senate seats that remain undecided. GOP control of the Senate rests on those races; the party must win at least one of them to retain its majority. And that majority is all that stands in the way of a Congress dramatically more capable of passing damaging and extreme left-wing legislation after Jan. 20," the newspaper warned. "If Trump wishes people to believe he has the good of the country and the legitimacy of its elections in mind, the president should concede that he lost and should do all he can to help his party win the two Senate battles in which it is still engaged."

Read the full editorial over at The Washington Examiner.