Trump supporter attacks elderly couple with golf club because their political sign made him angry

A self-described Trump supporter used a golf club to assault an elderly couple who sat beside political sign in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, the Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported.

Mark Anthony Ulsaker, 50, was charged with one count of second-degree assault, one count of fourth-degree assault of a peace officer and one count of threats of violence, according to a criminal complaint.

Multiple witnesses dialed 9-11 to report a man assaulting two people with a golf club on Sunday. When police arrived, witnesses told them that the suspect walked up behind the 80-year-old man and a 78-year-old woman and began to swing the golf club at their heads. After the club broke during the attack, the suspect then punched the man in the head.

Ulsaker then fled the scene in his truck after briefly driving towards the victims. While details are were not given as to the content of the couple's sign, the incident took place one day after the election was called for Joe Biden.

Speaking to police, Ulsaker said he is a Trump supporter who was angered by the couple's sign and “flipped them off” from his truck. After parking his truck and approaching the couple, he confessed that he kicked the sign over and began swinging his club at the woman, hitting her chair and then pushed it over with her in it.