Trump supporter says cop didn't kneel on George Floyd's neck long enough: 'They should have done it longer'
Trump supporter rants about George Floyd (Twitter/screen grab)

One of President Donald Trump's supporters was caught on video saying that the police officer who murdered George Floyd should have used more force to kill him.

Video of the man was captured by journalist Chuck Modi and then shared on Twitter by @davenewworld_2.

"If he tried to behave from the get-go and not pass false money, he'd still be alive today," the man said. "It can't be that hard to behave. Obey the law and you will be alive. It's not that hard. Behave and stay alive."

"So you're OK with [officer] Derek Chauvin's knee for eight minutes and 46 seconds?" the reporter asked.

"Should have been fucking longer!" the Trump supporter explained. "They should have done it longer. Do you need more? They should have done it longer."

"I'm a little flabbergasted," Modi replied.

According to davenewworld_2, the man attended Saturday's so-called Million MAGA March in Washington, D.C.

Watch the video below.