Trump supporters holding 'Pray for America Rally' -- to 'impact the outcome of this presidential election' through prayer
Donald Trump posing with a Bible in front of St. John's church (screengrab)

President Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, but some of his Evangelical supporters hope to change the outcome through prayer.

"Traveling Evangelical preacher Sharon Bolan this evening is hawking spiritual wares at the Pray for America Rally being held at the Jackson Avenue Evangelical Church in the Irish Channel, hoping to "impact the outcome of this presidential election” through the power of prayer," Sarah Ravits of The Gambit reported Friday.

"In a recent blog post Bolan informed her flock that God spoke to her that the New Testament parable commonly referred to as Revelations was a prophecy currently unfolding. According to God, Democrats will be playing the part of the Devil, while Trump is the second coming of Christ," Ravits reported.

"The event has also been promoted by Martha Henderson Huckabay, who serves as president of the Women’s Republican Club of New Orleans and frequently circulates conspiracy theories about Bill Gates, George Soros and rigged elections," The Gambit noted.

John Stanton, the editor of The Gambit, offered his analysis on Twitter.