Trump supporters attack the host of their own rally for trying to enforce COVID-19 guidelines
Trump supporters rally in Wisconsin (Screen cap).

Chaos erupted at a pro-Trump rally in Wisconsin this past weekend when supporters of the president grew angry at the rally's host for trying to enforce restrictions intended to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Local news station Fox 6 Now reports both public health inspectors and the general manager of the venue hosting the rally were shoved by angry Trump supporters after they tried to enforce masking and social distancing guidelines at the rally.

"The COVID-19 guidelines for political events include a maximum of 100 people who must be sitting down and wearing a mask if they are on bar or restaurant property -- something many were not doing on Saturday," Fox 6 Now reports.

When the general manager urged people to remain seated to stay in compliance with health guidelines, the crowd turned angry, and the general managed wound up being shoved to the ground.

"One gentlemen rushed me and pushed me and twisted the microphone out of my hand and as he was moving away, pushed me again, and so I attempted to get the microphone back and grabbed, him and at that point, a number of people in the crowd pushed me to the ground and started kicking me," Serb Hall general manager Nicholas Alioto told local news outlet WISN.

"When our health inspector goes to check on the accountability and the crowd turns on him, that’s wrong," said Milwaukee Alderman Borkowski.

Police tell Fox 6 Now that a 17-year-old boy was arrested for shoving multiple people during the rally, although they did not go into details over whether this was the same person who attacked public health officials.

Watch Fox 6 Now's report below.