Trump thanked his sister for her support after getting duped by a Twitter parody – now she says she is ‘annoyed’
President Donald Trump speaking during a 2020 rally in Omaha. (Screenshot)

President Donald J. Trump retweeted an article Friday that was posted by a Twitter user that claimed to be his older sister Elizabeth Trump Grau. However, it is a fake account.

The article the president retweeted was from the ultra right-wing website, according to VICE News. The piece praised Grau for "breaking years of carefully-guarded silence to step forward and vociferously defend Trump."

“I’m trying to delete it,” Grau told VICE News when reached by phone Friday. “I don’t even belong to Twitter.”

Grau said she had nothing further to say about the subject and was "just annoyed by this whole thing."

According to VICE News, the account was established in November and dropped its first MAGA-friendly tweet Wednesday afternoon. Dozens more followed, showering President Trump with adoration and pouring scorn on his enemies.