Trump Train shuts down multiple bridges in NYC -- but only anti-Trump protesters arrested
Trump train shuts down NYC bridges (Photo: Screen capture)

Ten people were reportedly arrested Sunday afternoon during an anti-Trump protest near High Line Park in Chelsea. Nearby, a pro-Trump caravan -- or "Trump Train" as it's become known -- "blocked traffic on the Whitestone Bridge "and were allowed to move on virtually unscathed, with no evidence of any enforcement action taken," AM New York reported.

The Trump Train also blocked the Governor Mario Cuomo Bridge.

When the caravan got to the Whitestone Bridge, the rally came to a stop on the bridge, with some demonstrators getting out of their cars and stopping traffic, despite having a police department escort.

It was not known whether any summonses or arrests were made in this incident. They then continued on to Westchester County for a rally. A planned pass by Trump Tower in Manhattan was still on the agenda, leaders had said.

The caravan grew larger in Westchester County — where the Trumpists again blocked traffic while crossing the Governor Mario Cuomo Bridge.

Watch the videos below.