Trump truckers who tailed Biden bus were armed and organized on far-right Facebook group: report
Image via Twitter/@lisabuentello.

On Tuesday, Newsweek reported that the convoy of Trump-flag-bearing trucks that tailed and harassed the Biden-Harris campaign bus just outside New Braunfels, Texas has ties to the QAnon conspiracy theory movement.

"The report, which was published by the fact-checking site, Snopes, states that the convoy of trucks that were seen on video surrounding a Biden-Kamala Harris bus on Texas' Interstate 35, organized the event in a private Facebook page called the Alamo City Trump Train," reported Matthew Impelli. "The report also notes that messages between the group's members suggested that they were armed with guns."

"In the report, Snopes notes that in its study of the private Facebook group, it found a number of posts and comments referring to the QAnon conspiracy theory, whose followers believe that several notable members of the Democratic Party are part of a satanic cult involved with child sex trafficking," wrote Impelli. "In one post found in the group, one member shared a screenshot they believed to be from 'Q' and others commented the conspiracy theory's slogan, 'WWG1WGA,' or 'Where We Go One We Go All.'"

The FBI has warned QAnon is a potential source of domestic terrorism, and some of its supporters have already committed acts of violence. But President Donald Trump has refused to condemn it, saying, "They like me very much."

Texas Democrats ultimately canceled the Austin rally to which the bus had been heading, although officials deny the cancelation is related to the incident on I-35.