Trump trying to comfort himself with fraud conspiracies because his loss was ‘devastating’ to his ‘fragile ego’: CNN commentator

Speaking on CNN this Friday, commentator David Swerdlick said that President Trump's crusade against the results of the 2020 election is "drifting into total sour grapesism and crybabyism," saying the reason for Joe Biden's big numbers was simply because it was a "higher turnout election year."

According to Swerdlick, Trump is speaking to the "hardcore" members of his political base when he disseminates his mass voter fraud narrative.

"But the message is also for himself," he continued. "Everybody who has ever reported on President Trump who has known him has reported out that his ego is incredibly fragile, that he is incredibly insecure, and I do think at some point it's devastating to him that he lost the election to someone that he had tried to tag as 'Sleepy Joe'."

Watch the video below: