Trump’s briefing goes off the rails as he rambles about vaccine-makers conspiring against him

Donald J. Trump strayed off-topic during a Friday press conference on lowering drug prices - blaming pharmaceutical companies for keeping the coronavirus vaccine from the American people until after the election and spouting other conspiracies.

"For generations, the American people have been abused by big pharma and their army of lawyers, lobbyists, and bought and paid for politicians. But I've been loyal to the special interests. I've been loyal to our patients and the people that need drugs, prescription drugs, and devoted myself to completely fighting for the American people. You see that? This is not an easy thing to do. Big pharma ran millions of dollars of negative advertisements against me during the campaign, which I won, by the way, but you know, by about almost 74 million votes."

Trump continued, "We had big pharma against us; we had the media against us; we had big tech against us; we had a lot of dishonesty against us. But big pharma alone ran millions and millions of dollars in ads." He continued, "...because I told them I'm gonna have to do this, you know, I was put here to do a job. And Pfizer and others way ahead on vaccines, you wouldn't have a vaccine for me for another four years because FDA would never been able to do what they did. What I forced them to do."

Trump then claimed big pharma "waited and waited and waited" to release their vaccine trial results until after the election to hurt him.

If the vaccine announcements came prior to the election “it would have probably had an impact, who knows, maybe it wouldn't have?” Trump added. “I'm sure they would have found the ballots someplace, the Democrats."

Watch the bizarre video below.