Trump's HHS instructs staff not to talk to Biden's transition team -- and to report any attempted conversations
Alex Azar appears on CNBC (screen grab)

CNN national correspondent Kristen Holmes reportedly spoke with Health and Human Service (HHS) staffers who were instructed Wednesday "that if anyone from President-elect Joe Biden's team contacts them, they are not to communicate with them and are to alert Deputy Surgeon General Rear Admiral Erica Schwartz of the communication per administration official."

As a follow-up, QC Roll Call correspondent Emily Kopp said she asked HHS Secretary Alex Azar about the communications request from the Trump team and "he didn't deny it."

"We've made it very clear that when GSA makes a determination, we will ensure complete cooperative professional transitions and planning," Azar told Kopp.

The Department of Health and Human Services emailed Raw Story to say that this was not an instruction from Secretary Azar.

See the tweets below and watch the video for their interaction.