Trump’s re-election bid was doomed by his own enablers: conservative columnist
President Donald Trump speaking during a 2020 rally in Omaha. (Screenshot)

Writing in the New York Times this Tuesday, Bret Stephens says that when it comes to the 2020 election, President Trump has no one but himself to blame for his loss --  "albeit in ways that roundly indict the conservative movement that made him its hero."

According to Stephens, Trump lost for two reasons: the first is that he's "manifestly, comprehensively and unrepentantly" immoral. The second is that conservatives never tried to put his immorality in check. Instead, they "rationalized, excused, enabled and ultimately celebrated it."

"For Trump’s presidency to have had even a faint chance of succeeding, he needed his allies and fellow travelers to provide reality checks and expressions of disapproval, including occasions of outright revolt. What he mainly got was an echo chamber," Stephens writes.

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