Trump's return to White House from golf course was delayed as celebrators were cleared from the packed streets: CNN
CNN reporting on celebrations after the president's electoral defeat (screengrab).

President Donald Trump's return to the White House after another day at one of his golf courses was delayed due to the large crowds celebrating President-elect Joe Biden, CNN reported Saturday.

"We know the president was on the golf course earlier today when the -- or was on his way -- when the call was made by CNN and then other news organizations as well," CNN's Anderson Cooper noted.

"What are you hearing from the White House, from people close to him?" Cooper asked Kaitlan Collins.

"Well, it's been incredibly quiet," Collins replied.

"When he left the White House today, the call had not been made by CNN yet that Joe Biden was going to win the presidency," Collins reported. "So there was no crowd like there is now outside the White House, but when he returned -- and for those who don't know the president takes a motorcade to get to his golf course outside of Virginia -- it actually took a little longer for him to get back given they had to clear the streets of people who were celebrating Joe Biden's win and obviously a lot of them are Biden supporters and of course have Biden flags, Biden signs, and that is what the president saw as he made his way back to the White House."