US is on the brink of election violence ‘they have not faced in living memory’: international experts
Donald Trump (AFP)

In a new 30-page report, a prominent group of experts that regularly monitors violence around the world has issued an unprecedented warning ahead of Tuesday's U.S. presidential election, CNN reported.

Threat trackers at the International Crisis Group (ICG) have issued a warning that a polarized America faces "unfamiliar danger" in the coming days.

"While Americans have grown used to a certain level of rancor in these quadrennial campaigns, they have not in living memory faced the realistic prospect that the incumbent may reject the outcome or that armed violence may result," the group writes.

The ICG released their findings last week that highlighted several factors that have the potential to result in violence on and around Election Day. Violence spurred on potentially by the proliferation of online disinformation and hate speech, recent controversies surrounding racial justice in America, the rise of armed groups, and the possibility of a close or contested presidential election.

The group named President Donald J. Trump as the impetus to the impending dark time in American history, writing that his "toxic rhetoric and willingness to court conflict to advance his personal interests have no precedent in modern U.S. history."

The ICG also recommended, "Traditional and social media should take extra precautions not to pronounce winners prematurely, which can create the impression that the result has been fixed, or, conversely, foster resentment in the event the call has to be reversed."

"The failure of democratic institutions to deliver a peaceful election and, depending on the result, transfer of power in the United States would be bad for the American people, for the country’s governance, for the nation’s credibility and thus its influence abroad, and for foreign partners who (even after four years of Trump) still turn to the U.S. for a measure of stability and security," the report warned. "With luck, and perhaps a little help from its friends, the U.S. could still avoid election trouble and emerge ready to begin repairing the social fractures that have helped bring it to this dangerous place."

Read the report here.