Voters rage at president after casting votes: 'I’m sick of being scared of what Trump will do next'
Donald Trump - MSNBC screenshot

On Election Day, The Daily Beast profiled several voters in the final hours — and a common theme that ran through their discussions was disgust over the country's constant political fighting, and how President Donald Trump has made it worse.

"Contrary to bogus claims from President Donald Trump, any delay in determining the winner will stem from the need to ensure votes are counted, not mass fraud," said the report. "But if Tuesday might typically have marked the end of a raucous election season, one that saw historic surges in early voting in the face of a public health crisis that has killed over 230,000 Americans, any sense of closure by night’s end was difficult to imagine. Instead, the potential for even more bitterness ahead was clear as Americans looked out for MAGA-crazed poll watchers and other vigilantes and threats — genuine and fabricated."

One voter, Joyia Pugh of northwest Detroit, slammed the president's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. “He knew this stuff was going to happen and he didn’t do anything about — he doesn’t care," she said. "He thinks it’s a joke, a game, and it’s not. People … have lost their lives over this."

“People are turning into monsters,” said Tuscon, Arizona realtor Tanya Barnett. “I’ve never seen polarization worse than it is now in my lifetime. I’m sick of being the country the rest of the world laughs at... I’m sick of being scared of what Trump will do next. And I’m ready to focus on fixing our broken system once he’s gone.”

And at least one of the voters was a former Trump supporter turned Biden voter.

"After voting at a North Carolina polling site inside the Central United Methodist Church in a solidly Republican county just to the west of Charlotte, James Ellis admitted to The Daily Beast on Tuesday, 'I fucked up and voted for Donald Trump last time,'" said the report. "'I didn’t do that this time, that’s all I’ll say' said Ellis, who was laid off from his job at a steel company because of COVID-19. He described Trump as 'just not a tactful man.'"

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