WATCH: Anti-masker tells Black woman that facial coverings are worse than 'slavery in the 1800s'

A video circulating social media shows a man refusing to wear a mask inside a business while an employee asks him multiple time to leave. At one point, the man told the employee, who is Black, that mask-wearing has enslaved more people than the "1800s."

“Get out of my face,” he told the employee. “If you’re so worried about your health, why are you coming up on somebody who’s not wearing a mask?”

“More people were enslaved in 2020 by themselves because their television told them to than were ever slaves in the 1800s,” the man continued. “You know why? Those people were enslaved physically, but their minds were free. Their minds were never enslaved. You’ve enslaved yourself with your own mind. You’re enslaved, body and mind.”

Watch the video below: