WATCH: Lou Dobbs goes on angry rant against Mitch McConnell because AG Barr hasn't stopped the counting of ballots
Lou Dobbs and Richard Grenell on Fox Business (screengrab).

Fox Business personality Lou Dobbs lashed out at Republicans on Thursday while interviewing Trump campaign surrogate Richard Grenell.

Dobbs took the perspective of Trump's adult sons, who are livid that Republican leaders aren't going along with the president's unfounded conspiracy theories alleging widespread election fraud.

"Where in the hell are (sic) Mitch McConnell?" Dobbs asked. "Where is the Republican Party? Where is [RNC Chair] Ronna McDaniel?"

"Why isn't the Republican Party en masse demanding the Department of Justice move in here?" Dobbs asked.

Grenell attempted to defend the leadership of the Republican Party.

"I'm asking why aren't they demanding the Department of Justice step in to a political crime as it appears obviously to many?" Dobbs shouted.

There has been no evidence of a political crime being committed during the election.