WATCH: Trump-loving father-son duo throw tantrum over masks -- and whine as cops escort them from store

A Trump-supporting son and his father were kicked out of a Costco earlier this week after the son defiantly removed his face mask and boasted about it on TikTok.

Local news station CBS 46 reports that a manager at a Costco in Cumming, Georgia, this week called the police after 18-year-old Andrew Wayland, who was clad in a red "Make America Great Again" hat, took off his face mask while in the store and refused to put it back on despite being asked by multiple employees.

According to local police, Wayland and his father, Cory Wayland, continued arguing with employees about having to wear masks. The younger Wayland at some point took out his phone and recorded himself bragging about how he refused to wear a mask while in the store.

When police arrived on the scene, they asked Cory to produce identification, which he refused to do. This eventually resulted in police handcuffing the father and hauling him out of the store, although they eventually released him while still in the parking lot.

"The teenager posted on his Tik Tok account that he and his father are suing the manager of the store and the police," reports CBS 46. "The father was charged with disorderly conduct and both were given a warning about trespassing at Costco and are now barred from shopping there."

Watch the video below.