WATCH: Trump supporters descended on a city he lost by 87.4 points -- and it didn't end well
Trump supporters in Washington, DC (screengrab).

President-elect Joe Biden won the vote in Washington, DC  by 87.4 points in the 2020 presidential race.

Biden scored a huge landslide victory, winning 92.9% of the vote in the District, to Trump's 5.5%.

Nonetheless, Trump urged his supporters to travel to Washington, DC for a rally of white nationalists and conspiracy theorists falsely claiming he did not lose the 2020 election.

Apparently, they did not receive a warm welcoming.

"Three Trump supporters are eating outside at a restaurant, 2 blocks from the White House. 16th & K St. A large group confronts them," NBC DC correspondent Shomari Stone reported.

"Someone throws what appears to be fireworks. Moments later, police push back a crowd that wants to confront Trump supporter," he reported.

"Ten people have been arrested during the protests, D.C. police said Saturday afternoon," NBC DC reported Saturday. "Officers arrested four people for firearms violations, two for simple assault, one person for assaulting a police officer, one person for 'no permit' and two people for acting disorderly, the Metropolitan Police Department said. It's unclear at this time if those arrested were Trump supporters or counter protesters."