WATCH: Walgreens manager boots a Black veteran for being a ‘shoplifter’ – and doesn’t apologize after he clears his name

Trial lawyer Ben Crump tweeted a video of a Black veteran being kicked out of a Walgreens store for allegedly stealing from a nearby store. "Just another day of #ShoppingWhileBlack," Crump wrote.

"This Black veteran was kicked out of a Walgreens by Covina PD [Covina, Calif. Police Department] after a manager claimed he stole something at a nearby store. She then refused to apologize after the other store verified he didn't match the actual thief's description. Just another day of #ShoppingWhileBlack."

After a series of responses to the video on Crump's page, Walgreens responded, "We are aware of this matter and are working with management so that it can be looked into."

Watch the video below.