'We'll find 8,000 votes easily!' Trump explains how he'll overturn Joe Biden's win in delusional interview
Donald Trump (AFP Photo/Timothy A. Clary)

President Donald Trump still believes he's going to win the 2020 presidential election, despite the fact that he has lost it decisively to President-elect Joe Biden.

In an interview with Byron York of the Washington Examiner, the president makes a series of baseless assertions for how he'll overturn the results in multiple swing states in order to retake the White House.

"We're going to win Wisconsin," Trump tells York. "Arizona — it'll be down to 8,000 votes, and if we can do an audit of the millions of votes, we'll find 8,000 votes easy. If we can do an audit, we'll be in good shape there."

The president also made a bizarre assertion that doing a full hand recount of ballots in Georgia was very likely to overturn the results, despite the fact that no hand recount in an American presidential election has ever overturned a deficit of greater than 10,000 votes.

"Hand-counting is the best," the president said. "To do a spin of the machine doesn't mean anything. You pick up 10 votes. But when you hand-count -- I think we're going to win Georgia."

Trump also claimed that he would somehow win Michigan, where he is currently trailing by more than 100,000 votes, by getting tens of thousands of Biden ballots thrown into the trash.

"They wouldn't let our poll watchers and observers watch or observe," Trump falsely claimed of Michigan, which did have Republican poll watchers observing the counting process. "That's a big thing. They should throw those votes out that went through during those periods of time when [Trump observers] weren't there."

Read the whole interview here.